How to create a WordPress site PDF

Note to Self, “If My Body is a Text” link

Plato, “Allegory of the Cave” PDF [citation info: and note that the excerpt we read is in Book VII]

King, “The Burning Truth in the South” PDF or link from The King Center

Crosley-Corcoran,”Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person” link

Heller, “The Big Uneasy” link

Brooks, “People Like Us” PDF

Johnson, “Unspeakable Conversations” PDF

Johnson, “Privilege, Oppression, and Difference” johnson-2006-privilege-power-difference-chps-23

Morlan Gallery Readings

  • Read about the Black Bone exhibit here
  • Learn about the Affrilachian Artist Project here
  • Read at least 3 of the poems by Affrilachian poets listed here

White Clergymen’s Letter PDF

King, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” PDF

“Arguments” PDF

Booth, “Making Good Arguments” PDF

Lukianoff and Haidt, “The Coddling of the American Mind” link

Young, “Should Writer’s Use They Own English?” PDF

hooks, “No Love in the Wild” link

Bean, “A Response to bell hooks’ Critique of Beasts of the Southern Wild” link

ICE/Synthesis handout PDF

ICE/Synthesis annotations Word doc

Library Tutorial link

DiAngelo, “White Fragility” PDF

Popaganda, “Invisible Prisons” link

Reveal, “America’s Digital Dumping Ground” link