Podcast Possibilities & E-Waste

Podcast Possibilities

First, some podcast possibilities for you for your homework this weekend:

As you’re exploring, looking for a podcast episode related to an issue of responsibility that you care about, you might check out the following podcasts:

  • Another Round
  • Code Switch
  • Edge of Sports
  • Embedded
  • #GoodMuslimBadMuslim
  • Heart and Soul
  • Hidden Brain
  • Inside Appalachia
  • Intersection
  • Interfaith Voices
  • Invisibilia
  • Latino Rebels
  • Latino USA
  • Note to Self
  • On Being
  • Outsports
  • Reveal
  • See Something Say Something
  • Strange Fruit
  • The Mash-up Americans
  • We Want the Airwaves

You do not have to choose one of these podcasts; these are just suggestions in case you aren’t sure where to begin looking.


Second, some additional sources about e-waste to accompany our in-class discussion today:

We’ll watch this Frontline video about e-waste so we can see some of the places and practices mentioned in the podcast we listened to as homework for today.

If you’re interested in learning where you can recycle electronics, check out this page on the City of Lexington’s website, which includes the electronics recycling location as well as lists of the electronics that are and are not accepted.

If you’re interested in learning about additional places where you can recycle electronics — within as well as outside of Lexington — check out this page from the Consumer Technology Association. This website also includes lots of really great additional information about electronics and sustainability. For example, you can learn how to most efficiently use your electronic devices, learn how to spot sustainable products, and get tips about recycling electronics.


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