“The Burning Truth in the South” and student protests

In “The Burning Truth in the South,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discusses the student protests that had been happening at lunch counters in the South in the late 50s and early 60s. The issue of student protests is related to our larger questions this semester of responsibility.

Y’all are students: have you ever thought about protesting? Have you ever done it? Do you know much about the history of student protests? What might your responsibilities be related to taking action, and when might protesting be the best course of action? What responsibilities do you have for knowing the actions taken and lessons learned by students who have protested in the past?

I suspect the issues of student protests will be one we continue to consider well beyond today’s class. Here are some sources you might be interested in checking out to learn more about historical and contemporary student protests:

  • Democracy Now! provides an ever-updating list of news stories about student protests
  • The New Yorker has an article that explains the students protests that have been happening in South Africa since 2015
  • Thedemands.org, a national collaborative of activists fighting to end racism and police violence in America, provide a list of 80 college campuses and the demands they have published
  • Mother Jones has an article about the campus protests that were spreading across many U.S. campuses in 2015
  • News.mic has an article about student protests organized in response to Trump’s election

And we will watch some clips about the student sit-ins of the early 60s

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