Hey, everyone! Welcome to FYS 1004: First Year Seminar. This semester, we will continue working to build critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. We’ll be reading a lot but focusing in particular on questions of responsibility. We’ll consider questions like: What are our responsibilities—to ourselves? to our communities? to those we do not identify with/as? How do we most productively talk to one another about these responsibilities, especially when we have differing beliefs, values, identities?

This website will serve as a shared space for us this semester; it’s where you will find the syllabus, the daily schedule, assignment sheets, occasional updates, links to each other’s blogs, and more. We won’t use Moodle this semester, but I will post a link to this website in our designated Moodle space just in case you forget the URL (I recommend you bookmark it).

I look forward to you all bringing your unique interests, passions, and curiosities to bear on all of the work we do, and I hope that will include your suggestions for improvements. No doubt, throughout this semester, you all will be reading and discussing interesting, relevant topics and texts in other classes and on your own; share those with the rest of us! I’d like for us all to support one another and play a part in creating a classroom environment that is characterized by rigorous, creative intellectual pursuits.

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